The universe of EKATERINA KERN
More than a visual complement, beyond scenography, the artworks of Ekaterina Kern are the figurative expression of music vibrations. Ekaterina created them after a careful listening and upon the emotions that the concert program brought to her.Images are not there to "entertain" the audience, rather to intersect with music and offering a full and immersive experience.

Ekaterina Kern's life mission is a Journey to unveiling a visible and unvisible Beauty.

 "Discovering Art as a medium to connect with the soul, I wish to expose our deeper insight of reality and unfold thin layers that shade our vision from a purest Beauty of life and ourselves" 


As a Visionary Artist, since 2015 she is a Leader of the project "Go Flow“, a new business Architecture concept for evolution, awareness and companies prosperity.As a Muse, she is very passionate about being connected with other artists. She perceives all types of Art as a medium that reveals deeper insights into reality. What is constantly present in her paintings and holds them together, is Katarina's relationship to music. Her paintings are musical in their essence, even more so than in their narrative. She enjoys a “Gift from God” in her artworks.She has a diploma of Architecture and a Bachelor’s degree in Painting. She lives in Europe and Asia. She has been selected as one a few artists for Collaboration with famous academic artists, such a Zdenek Sykora in National Operations Air control centre in Czech Republic, Art workshops in Florence, Paris, Phuket. For many years she has visited many powerful places of pilgrimage, ashrams, temples around the world for charity support, spiritual practices and deep meditations. Katarina Kern has a solo & group exhibition history since 1996. Her artworks are represented in various public places & private collections.