The project

On February 2023 we had the birth anniversary of two pillars of classical and vocal music: Giuseppe Verdi (210 years) and Sergei Rachmaninov (150 years). Although different for historical period and style, there are some amazing similarities in the character of the works of those composers, especially in vocal music. Both exponents of romanticism (Verdi in its beginning and Rachmaninov in its end), both lived a very intense life that they transferred on their music.
In the works for voice and piano, both Verdi and Rachmaninov succumb to a passionate and intense lyricism, giving a strong imprinting to each single word and drawing on harmonies that can easily be found in their most famous compositions. That’s why we decide to homage those two great composers with a recital for soprano and piano, performed by the soprano Laura Ansaldi and by the pianist and composer Davide Piero Runcini. Laura and David have gone through a deep philologic research in order to select some rarities for voice and piano, the perfect starting point for highlighting the  link between the two composers.
On top of that, they wanted this project to be inclusive of other forms of art, namely fine arts and painting. Thanks to the great artists Ekaterina Kern and Dave van Dorst, the audience can also appreciate an art exhibit that brings the vibrations of the music into visual.
The recital is promoted by the production and artistic management company Artinitiative Switzerland