The tournée

25 May 2023 - MONACO - Theatre des Muses

23 September 2023 - LUGANO - Castagnola Concert Hall

24 November 2023 - BIENNE - Farelhaus

02 March 2024 - FRIBOURG - Centre Le Phénix

03 March 2024 - LUZERN - Musikschule

09 March 2024 - BRUXELLES - Atelier Marc Hastir

11 May 2024 - LUZERN - Schlössi Wartegg

More to come

The tournée


A new and exciting project, a tribute to two pillars of Romantic music on their birth anniversaries (210 and 150 years), through the rediscovery of rarities and the performance of better-known works, interpreted in a new light. An experience that spans Europe, involving not only music but also fine arts, philosophy and history.A recital tour throughout Europe, where for the first time Verdi and Rachmaninoff are performed together. Thanks to the careful philological work of the artists involved, audiences will discover surprising similarities and enjoy a journey between music, visual arts and history.February 2023 marks the birth anniversaries of two pillars of classical and vocal music: Giuseppe Verdi (210 years) and Sergei Rachmaninov (150 years). Although different in historical period and style, there are some striking similarities in the character of these composers' works, especially in vocal music. Both exponents of Romanticism (Verdi at the beginning and Rachmaninov at the end), they lived very intense lives that they transferred to their music.
In their works for voice and piano, both Verdi and Rachmaninov succumbed to passionate and intense lyricism, imprinting every single word and drawing on harmonies that are easily found in their most famous compositions. That is why we decided to pay homage to these two great composers with a recital for soprano and piano, performed by soprano Laura Ansaldi and pianist and composer Davide Piero Runcini. Laura and Davide did extensive philological research to select some rarities for voice and piano, the perfect starting point to highlight the connection between the two composers.The project is the creation and intellectual property of Artinitiative Switzerland.

The lieder are all performed in their original language.Verdi is performed in Italian.
The lieder from Rachmaninoff that were originally written in Russian, they are performed in Russian; the ones that were written from poems in other languages and then translated to English, they are performed in English.


Giuseppe Verdi

- Non t'accostare all'urna
- More Elisa lo stanco poeta
- Nell'orrore di notte oscura
- In solitaria stanza
- Perduta ho la pace
- Deh Pietoso oh Addolorata

- Romanza
- Valzer brillante
- Verdi Listz, paraphrase from  Aida

Sergej Rachmaninoff

- A prayer
- Twilight
- Loneliness
- Siren
- Zdes' Khorosho
- Muza 

- Musical moment  op 16 n 3
- Musical moment  op 16 n 4
- Prelude op 32 n 12